10 Reasons to Not Wear a Drysuit May 12 2017

Spring runoff is happening in many areas of the country, the sun is (occasionally) out, and the air temperature is getting pretty comfortable. The water’s still cold, but everyone else is out there paddling. So what if you don’t have a drysuit?! Here are 10 reasons why you don’t need one:

  1. You never capsize. Never have. Never will. You are the perfect paddler who makes no mistakes and to whom nothing bad ever happens.
  2. You don’t plan to capsize. The weather is fine and the sea is calm. Those things never change, and you can always depend on the weather report.
    Hurricane projected trajectories
    Meteorologists know exactly what to expect
    (image: Creative Commons license)
  3. It’s only the water that’s cold. The air is fine. You won’t get wet, so you don’t need special equipment to stay dry.
  4. You hate the neck gasket. Having that rubber seal around your neck is a little uncomfortable. And you never, ever deal with discomfort when you’re paddling. Nothing worth doing is worth being uncomfortable for.
  5. It’s too warm out. You might sweat, which means you might have to take a shower later. And that silk blouse you would wear under a drysuit might get sweat-stained.
  6. Paddling isn’t that dangerous. A little cold water never hurt anyone. And no one ever dies from hypothermia or cold shock. It’s all a conspiracy to take away your freedom by evil boating safety experts, jack-booted government regulators and liberal West Coast gear manufacturers.
  7. If you capsize, your friends will help you. Your friends have never, ever let you down. They’re always on the spot, well-prepared, and sober, and they always stay calm and know exactly what to do in an emergency.
  8. You’re willing to take the risk. And your family’s behind you on that decision. They will be totally cool if you die from cold shock, because they’ll know you were having fun when your lungs filled with water. And then there’s your excellent life insurance policy. That’ll sure take away the sting of your loss.
  9. People are too concerned with safety: just do it! All those Class IV/V paddlers who’ve been doing it for 10 years and who are wearing drysuits – well, what do they know? Bunch of weenies and wimps.
    Kayaker on waterfallSome wimp
    (Photo ©Bob Holtzman)
  10. Drysuits are too expensive. You couldn’t possibly find three or four hundred dollars for a piece of essential paddling gear. The multiple boats, paddles, PFD, car rack, fishing tackle, GoPro, video drone, fancy sunglasses, boat dolly, weekly paddling-related travel expenses and post-trip bar tabs represent the absolute end of your spending on paddlesports. That was a promise to someone that you couldn’t possibly break.
    Frequency Corollary to Reason #10: You wouldn’t use it often enough. You can’t justify spending money on something that you don’t use all the time, regardless of its utility in special situations. You can affirm this by noting how all of your other recreational equipment is used frequently, year-round.

We get it. There are probably more excellent reasons that drysuits are a bad idea and an unnecessary expense. But if you persist in making bad decisions and think watersports safety makes sense (wimp), you just might want to consider a low-cost/high-quality drysuit from Mythic Gear. Whatever, right?

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