Packing Drysuits for Travel February 20 2014

When packing a drysuit for travel, it's important to do it right. Over-bending the expensive entry zipper can damage it and render it useless. This video shows step by step how to pack the suit to protect the zipper. If you prefer to read, a transcript appears below the video. 

Transcript (not verbatim)

One of the most important and expensive parts of a drysuit is the watertight entry zipper. We want to take good care of that zipper, because if it gets kinked or over-bent, it won't function properly. When we pack a suit for travel, we won't fold it or roll it up like a normal piece of clothing, and we certainly won't just stuff it into a drybag or duffel.  We'll fold it AND roll it in a special way to protect the entry zipper.

Lay the suit out flat like we have here, face up. The zipper should be closed, and the flap over the zipper should be closed too. Fold the right arm at a right angle over the zipper, then fold the left arm down parallel to the zipper, so both arms are at right angles to each other.

Fold the legs up the waistband, then fold the lower half of the legs back down. What we have now is nice, square package.

Here's our zipper, from this corner to this corner. Take the two opposite corners and fold them in together.

Now we're ready to roll up the package. Take a towel, or a bundle of clothing, and roll the suit around it. The towel ensures that the zipper never gets bent to a really small radius when the drysuit is in your duffel with other gear.

Once it's rolled, you can take a gear strap or a piece of cord, and secure the rolled-up suit. Then you're ready to pack the suit into your duffel, along with your other gear.

Make sure you protect the entry zipper from over-bending when you pack your suit. Take care of your drysuit when you travel, and it'll take care of you on the water. 

More information on drysuit use and care:  How to love your drysuit.

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