New Matsu and Kiwa Models Now Shipping January 23 2015

Mythic Gear's new Matsu and Kiwa drysuits are now in stock and available for immediate shipping. The new models are a small step up from our existing Sobek and Enki Relief drysuits, but still below $400 -- which is less than half the price of most other drysuits on the market.

While we await professional photography, here are some quick snaps:

Matsu Kiwa

Both are unisex, front-entry one-piece drysuits with breathable fabric, latex gaskets at neck and wrists, and integral drysocks. The two models are actually identical, except for the relief zipper on the Kiwa. We've received many queries about the differences between these suits and our Sobek and Enki Relief Series, so here's a summary:

  • The most significant difference is the tailoring. The Matsu/Kiwa series has a more sophisticated cut than the Sobek/Enki series, for improved comfort and freedom of movement.
  • The drysocks have an extra layer of tough nylon Oxford-weave fabric (similar to Cordura®) for durability.
  • There is a strip of reflective tape across the chest. Combined with the red color, Matsu/Kiwa's visibility in low light is better.
  • We've removed the cover over the relief zipper for ease of access.
  • The new drysuits have a drawstring waist, vs. the velcro belt on the Sobek/Enki. Many users find this more convenient, and it's easier to replace when necessary.

What hasn't changed is just as important:

  • High-quality waterproof zippers and latex gaskets
  • 3-layer breathable waterproof fabric
  • Great value in cold-water protection: aside from our own Sobek and Enki models, you will not find a lower-priced drysuit in North America.
  • Protected by a 1-year warranty

Both suits are available in sizes Small, X-Large, and XXL (no Medium or Large at this time). Orders ship the next business day, but orders received before noon often ship the same day.

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