10 Great Choices on What to Wear When it's Not Drysuit Weather July 12 2017

As the manufacturer of North America's lowest-price drysuits, even we acknowledge that it’s not necessarily appropriate to wear a drysuit in the height of summer, unless you’re paddling on a glacier-fed river or in cold northern ocean waters. That being the case, what should you be wearing when you go canoeing, kayaking, paddleboarding or rafting in warm weather?

Since the internet has proven to be an infallibly reliable and accurate source of information on everything from medical advice to politics, we turned to the Googles to find out. Here are the results of our extensive research: 10 great warm-water paddling ensembles.

1. T-shirt

kayaker without PFD (source)

A cotton T-shirt is perfect. No need to cover it up with a PFD, because you'll never capsize.

2. Nothing

Orlando Bloom Katy Perry SUP (source)

As paddling expert Orlando Bloom demonstrates, a T-shirt is wholly unnecessary. We have it on good intelligence that he keeps a PFD in his hat. Why is Katy Perry looking the other way?

 3. Something Red

RCMP in birchbark canoe(source)

At the other end of the spectrum, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police recommend a long-sleeved woolen jacket, leather gauntlets and a Smokey the Bear hat -- all excellent sun protection.

4. Lace

Vintage canoe illustration(source)

A laced bodice provides a moderate level of insulation appropriate to summer, while the whalebone corset (not shown) provides an excellent wicking base layer. Full skirts add flotation.

5. Feathers

Indian woman canoe feather headdress (source)

Elaborate hats are de rigueur for female canoeists. Also thongs.

6. Plaid

vintage canoeing postcard (source)

Both sexes can not go wrong with plaid. It's highly visible in a search and rescue situation. Heels are also a fine choice for any gender.

7. Lizard Skin

T-rex paddleboarders (source)

Dinosaurs didn't rule the Earth for millions of years without knowing a thing or two about watersports safety and comfort. Unfortunately, Under Armour recently discontinued its T-rex Onesy, so you'll have to hunt one of these big guys down and skin it yourself.

8. Strapless

Wedding gown kayaker (source)

And you thought Vera Wang was a one-trick pony? She's also ahead of the wave in designing technical haute couture for whitewater.

 9. Go Organic

Grass skirt Hawaiian canoe (source)

Show your love of nature by wearing it. A flowered helmet and neck gasket perfectly complement a grass skirt for outrigger canoeing.

10. Multi-Piece Minimalist

Canoe girly pinup (source)

Why the sour puss, honey? You look fabulous! For a day on the water, you can't go wrong with a bullet bra, stockings and garters.

All this just goes to show that there are no wrong choices when dressing for paddlesports. Be creative! Be fashionable! It's all good. See you on the river, you fashion demon!

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