How to Love Your Drysuit

Got drysuit questions? Chances are, we've answered them here. But if we missed yours, ask us. This is all about "surface" drysuits for sports like kayaking, canoeing, rafting, stand up paddleboarding, and sailing, where you're never more than a few inches below the surface of the water. Underwater drysuits for diving are different, and we don't address them.

Buying a Drysuit

Design, Features, and Price-Performance, or What Do You Really Need?
Choosing the Right Size

How to Use a Drysuit

Putting On a Drysuit
Removing Air from the Suit
Using a Drysuit On and Off the Water

Drysuit Care

Packing for Travel
Zipper Care
Making the Gaskets Fit

Our Owner's Manual is a great guide to drysuit usage and care, regardless of brand. Download it. 

Still Have Questions?

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