FAQs About Drysuits and Mythic Gear

Q: How do drysuits keep you dry?
A: A paddling drysuit is made from a multi-layer nylon fabric that is, for all practical purposes, waterproof. Snug-fitting gaskets made from stretchy latex rubber prevent water from entering at the neck and wrists. Some drysuits also have latex gaskets at the ankles, but Mythic drysuits have integral waterproof socks that are more durable and keep your feet dry too. A special waterproof, airtight zipper (using technology developed for NASA spacesuits) allows you to put the suit on then close it up tight.

Q: How do drysuits keep you warm?
A: Strictly speaking, a drysuit only keeps you dry, which by itself will keep you warmer than being wet. Drysuits don't have built-in insulation, so underneath it, you should wear a base layer of polyester or polypropylene fiber, and an insulating layer like synthetic fleece or pile. The base layer wicks moisture (perspiration) away from your skin, while the insulating layer traps your body heat to keep you warm.

Q: I don't like something tight around my neck. What can I do about that?
A: Latex drysuit gaskets can be trimmed so that they're just snug enough to keep water out. The latex is thin and stretchy, and once it's properly adjusted, most people find it comfortable and even forget they're wearing it when they're paddling.

Q: What about latex allergies?
A: We urge people with latex allergies to exercise caution.

Q: How do you put on a drysuit?
A: See instructions for putting on a drysuit.

Q: How do you take care of a drysuit?
A: See instructions for drysuit care.

Q: What size should I buy?
A: See our instructions for sizing your suit.

Q: Why are your drysuits so inexpensive?
A: Mythic Gear was founded specifically to offer the lowest drysuit prices by an American company. We spent a lot of time carefully selecting materials and finding suppliers who could provide us with excellent value. On design, we stripped out most of the bells and whistles that you'll find on more expensive suits but really aren't that important to most paddlers. And we operate with a total overhead that's probably in the same ballpark as our competitors' petty cash accounts.

We'll be honest with you: we do not offer the best drysuit on the market. If you tend to be really rough on your gear, or you have especially demanding requirements (like Class IV creeking or multi-week expeditions in remote territory), you may be better satisfied if you spend two, three, even five times as much on a drysuit from another supplier. But if you're like 95% of the paddlers we know, Mythic Gear drysuits will suit your needs perfectly at a much more affordable price. They look good, fit right, keep you dry, and offer unmatched value for the money.

Q: Why don't you offer a Gore-Tex® drysuit?
A: Gore-Tex is a proprietary "breathable" waterproof fabric that keeps water out but allows water vapor to escape. It's a good product, but to offer you the best value for your money, Mythic Gear uses a less costly breathable fabric that's also waterproof, good-looking and durable.

Q: Do you offer custom sizes or alterations:
A: Nope. Keeping things simple is a big part of our low prices. Our manufacturing is done in batches, and there's a long lead time before a batch of new drysuits is in stock. It's just not practical for us to do one-offs.