Reviews and User Comments

  "The Kiwa is truly a high quality drysuit without the high price. Wore it during a surf session in March and it kept me warm and dry even with a few rolls in the rapid. Mythic Gear has just made year round paddling accessible to a lot of people."
Chris Audet, Level 4 ACA Whitewater & Coastal Kayak Instructor

"Packrafting in skirted boats on class IV+ rapids gave us plenty of opportunities to test how dry this suit truly is. Several boat flips led to long swims in the icy water, but at the end of each day, we were still completely dry…. The Taruba is a solid drysuit for staying dry, paddling year-round, and saving some cash along the way."
From a review in Gear Junkie

Taruba drysuit in icy conditions - Gear Junkie review
Kiwa drysuit Dave Johnstone "The Canoe Collector"

"These suits represent excellent value and affordability. I've had a riot with my suit and have extended my paddling season in Ontario, Canada from April 01, 2017 to December 09, 2017. Can't do that in jeans! I highly recommend Mythic Gear as they deliver the goods!!!!!"

David Johnstone, The Canoe Collector

"Just wanted to send my love from north of the border. I'm going on my third year with my Kiwa drysuit. It has turned kayaking into a year round activity for me. Here's a short edit of us showing winter who's boss. Keep making the best affordable drysuits on the market.  "

Matthew Hall, Utopia, NB

kayak angler with Mythic Gear drysuit 

"I could not be happier with my suit. The fit is full enough to allow for extra layers yet it is not so bulky it gets in the way when paddling or fishing. A++ on workmanship and the staff was very helpful when I purchased the suit and I had it in just a few days.

"Excellent company! You can’t go wrong with a Mythic..."
Todd Burnett, Towson, MD

"I just wanted to reach out and say THANK YOU for making such a high quality product. We purchased this drysuit as a gift for my dad, and today it may have saved him. His kayak capsized in 40-degree, fast-moving water, but thanks to the drysuit, he was able to get back to his boat and stayed dry and warm. I hate to think what would have happened without it."
Kathrynn Merrill, West Henrietta, NY
Enki Relief drysuit, Don Goff kayak fishing

"Comfort, affordable, very well built! It suits my needs, and keeps me safe if I were ever to take the forbidden icy plunge!"

Don Goff, President, Susquehanna River Fishing Club


"(T)he drysuit did its job well, keeping water out and warmth in. I had a full range of motion for my arms to swim…. At $325, the Matsu has a price that should encourage more boaters to invest in a piece of equipment that provides comfort and safety in foul weather and cold water."
Christopher Cunningham, in Small Boats Monthly
Bryan Hansel tests a Mythic Gear drysuit for Paddling Light  [T]he suit kept my clothing completely dry...[T]he price of the Mythic Gear Matsu seems like a bargain. And that price could help put more people into drysuits.
Bryan Hansel, in Paddling Light

Terry Call Grand Canyon rafting"I wore the Kiwa almost every day for two weeks in December in the Grand Canyon, with booties over the feet and plenty of warm clothes underneath. You get pretty wet and stay wet in the front of a 16' raft on the Colorado River and the drysuit kept me dry the entire time. The guys who didn't wear drysuits were cold, wet and envious. The zippers worked well even in that sandy environment and the
suit was more comfortable after I carefully trimmed the gaskets. Mobility was good, even on short hikes and the suit didn't tear when I brushed against some thorned bushes and tripped and fell on some rocks, so it's surprisingly durable. When I went into the water, the only shock was how unaffected I was by the cold temperature. Comparing my mood to the moods of the guys without a drysuit, I'd say the Kiwa made all the difference; it was a key ingredient to having a great winter Grand Canyon trip. Thanks for making a good product at a reasonable price!"
Terry Call, Cody, WY

"Drysuit safety at an affordable price."
Shelley Johnson, author, The Complete Sea Kayaker's Handbook and Sea Kayaking: A Woman's Guide

John Kaz"I was skeptical about the Mythic drysuits. After all, one assumes if something is priced low, it must be of low quality. That may be true for many things, but not Mythic drysuits. You just can't look at a product and determine how it will function, or how long it will last. You have to use it for a while and then come to a conclusion.
"I've only used my Kiwa drysuit 6 times so far, but I am extremely pleased with it. As stated on the Mythic website, these suits are basic, no-frills drysuits. They are also well constructed, with attention to every detail.
"I expect this drysuit to last as long as any other I have owned."
John Kazimierczyk, winner of 118 firsts in National downriver and slalom events and builder of Millbrook Boats

 "Love my Mythic Gear Drysuit."
Vince Zappia, Owner of Zap Paddles

"These are truly dry suits for the masses. Never has there been dry suits the average guy can afford on a tight budget. These are made like tanks, solid material, and awesome craftsmanship. The zippers are the toughest I have ever seen."
read the full review by Daniel "Pondboy" Byrne in DuPage Angler 


"Love my Matsu. Second season on suit. Still lookin' good. Thanks for a great affordable drysuit." 
Dave Leff, Mountain Iron, MN

David Barra Greenland kayak Taruba drysuit

100 Greenland Rolls.... dry on the inside! Great fit!
David Barra

Ron Grosso Sobek drysuit Pungo kayak"I have the Sobek dry suit and love it. Yesterday was a perfect day to try it out for spring paddling - 70 degree air temp and 52 degree water temp. 11.4 miles on a local river into a 15 mph headwind. We did the trip in 2.5 hours so we were moving at a good pace. People who wore neoprene were very hot during paddle. I was totally comfortable. This was a great investment. Can't believe I waited so long to buy one." 
Ron Grosso, Loveland, OH

"I love my drysuit from you and could never have gotten one at the prices others charge. You make the added safety possible for someone like me."
Ashlyn Brown
Mythic Gear drysuit in SAR use

"This dry suit held up remarkably well in the brush and briars!"
Paul Wake, Utah County Sheriff Search & Rescue 

"I've put my Mythic drysuit through its paces this spring and it has exceeded all my expectations. I'll never paddle without a drysuit again!"
Bradley Turner, Eugene, OR

"My final thoughts on this suit, very pleased! I think it is a great value, does exactly what it is advertised to do at a cost that is mind boggling. Considering most drytops cost as much. I find it very comfortable with no restriction of movement in the paddling I have done. My only nit picks would be it is a bit hard to get on and off, and the zipper is really stiff. But at the price that is really nitpicking." 
From a forum review of the Sobek model by Windwalker on See full discussion.
"Great prices. So good you can afford to be properly dressed for cold water paddling in Maine, which is at least 10 months of the year."
Master Maine Guide Alice Bean Andrenyak, Alice's Awesome Adventures
Maine Guide Alice Bean Andrenyak in a Kiwa drysuit from Mythic Gear
Paul Gray wearing Sobek Drysuit by Mythic Gear

"I'm very impressed! Really like the SCUBA quality seals and zipper. Pretty much the same as on my dive drysuits!" 
Paul Gray, Doylestown, PA

(photo ©Jeff Cushner)
"A drysuit is an essential piece of safety gear, and we recommend you get the best one you can afford. If your budget is $250, this suit [the Sobek] is the best."
From a multi-drysuit review in Canoe & Kayak magazine. See full article.
 "It's so awesome getting in a cold mountain creek-fed river and coming out bone dry."
Chris Scott, Jr., Bedford, CA
Chris Scott
Kevin Silliker, Class 1 New Brunswick Canoe Guide

“I have been using one for three years now. Still solid,still waterproof. The suit is a great value in my opinion!”
Kevin Silliker, New Brunswick Guide, Instructor for Paddle Canada

(photo: ©John Meader)

“Thanks...for being at the forefront of recognizing river snorkeling as a viable sport. I have found your suits to be ideal gear for the sport”
Keith Williams, author of Snorkelhead: Adventures in Creek Snorkeling

Ssnorkelhead book jacket
Andrew Dillon gray whale "The cost of a drysuit was going to keep me from buying my first kayak two years ago. Thanks for making an inexpensive drysuit. It put me out there in big water with a big whale and it was fun."
Andrew Dillon, Camano Island, WA
"Thanks to my Mythic Gear Drysuit, I was able to paddle throughout the past winter with no fear of hypothermia."
Jon Wescott, Lions Bay, BC
Jon Wescott surf ski
Eric Chaplin mythic gear drysuit user

"I got to Ain't Louie Fest, and there was snow everywhere! It would only look cold. I was bone dry on the Tellico. Day two we hit the Ocoee and I got my arm a bit wet because my shirt was under the wrist. My fault but I was still very comfortable. Day 3 we hit the Obed River. Many braces with the kayak mid roll, and one complete submersion and recovery. Class 4 rapids have nothing on this suit. I was very pleased over the 12 mile paddle. After hours of cold water the only part of me chilly was my nose and at the end my fingers. Day 4 we hit the Tellico River again to wind down. One drop after another and the suit is the same as before at near freezing temperatures. For the whole trip in Tennessee, I had no swims, but while scouting I did intentionally test it to my neck. My friend with a Stohlquist Drysuit was impressed how light it was. Easy to get on and off. The neck is still tight but by day 3 it was getting better. People around here might swear by Kokatat, but at double the price of this Taruba even after taxes and duty, I will keep the Mythic Gear sticker on my boat for a long while."
Eric Chaplin, Toronto, ON