Enki Relief Drysuit (unisex)


The lowest-price relief-zipper drysuit in America with surprising quality and features. Light-weight and durable, perfect for Packrafting.

Choosing the right size.
  • Breathable, smooth-finish 185 gm/m2 3-layer nylon fabric is light and supple for freedom of movement. A microporous membrane keeps 100% of the water out while allowing inside moisture to escape.
  • Heavy-duty entry and relief zippers with metal teeth and bronze sliders were designed for SCUBA drysuits, so you know they're rugged and reliable.
  • Latex neck and wrist gaskets are also SCUBA-quality, tough, and water-tight.
  • Sewn-on waterproof socks, so you can wear warm socks underneath.
  • The suit is cut for comfort and mobility whether you're sitting, standing, or kneeling. Unisex sizing leaves ample room for warm underclothing.
  • A webbing waist belt with hook-and-loop closure tapes snugs things up neat and tidy.
  • The relief zipper is discretely hidden by a fabric cover.

How do we offer so much quality for hundreds of dollars less than other drysuits? Mainly by concentrating on what's important, and leaving out the fancy extras. There are no pockets, no hood, no fancy color combinations: just good quality materials and sound design to keep you dry, safe and comfortable at a price you can afford. 

Whitewater kayakers, please note that this drysuit does not have a tunnel to fit over your sprayskirt. For a kayaking drysuit with a tunnel, see the Taruba model.

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Mythic Fact: Enki was the Sumerian god of water – seas, lakes, rivers and all. In a precursor to the story of Noah, he helped Mankind survive a great Deluge by telling a man named Atrahasis to build a boat. That's the spirit of proactive protection we see in the Enki drysuit.

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